Avani 2K14 – The Green Fest in Hyderabad from March 14-15, 2014

Avani 2K14 - The Green Fest in Hyderabad from March 14-15, 2014

In fact from time immemorial, nature has fed us, cured us, and protected us. But today the roles have switched. We need to feed nature, we need to cure it and protect it if we want to secure a healthy and prosperous future for our children and there is need for facilitating transformation From the Suicide Economy to Living Economies: Chemical agriculture and Genetic engineering are threatening public health and leading to nutrition decline. Costs of production, which includes hybrid and genetically engineered seeds, chemicals and irrigation etc., are increasing with every season pushing farmers into the debt trap and also to suicides. Thousands of farmers have given their life in India especially in Andhra Pradesh in last two decades because of the debt. As an insurance against such vulnerability there is need for building movement for the protection of small farmers through promotion of ecological farming and fair trade to ensure the healthy, diverse and safe food. The movement is now spread throughout India through our partner organizations and farmers networks.


Bio Remediation.
Renewable energy.
Green Building.
Wild life conservation.
Water and solid waste management at various levels ex: household, Irrigation etc.
Green Transportation and protection of Intellectual property rights on environment.


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