Sahayathon in Hyderabad

Helping hearts is a nonprofit organization started with the aim of helping the needy.
It is a venture started by a few like minded educators who believe in giving back their share to the society.
Our primary aim would be to provide financial support to the farmers, the backbone of our country.
We intend to help farmers who have financial difficulties due to health problems, predominantly accidents on the farm.
We are looking to cover those ailments which are not covered by the government health scheme i.e.; Arogyasri.
During our preliminary research, we have understood that physiotherapy is one of the components not covered in Arogyasri. It is one of the major problems faced by the farmers because of which they tend to lose their earning capacity.
We plan to collect funds primarily by organizing a ?Run?.
The amount collected from the registration will be used to cover the cost of organizing the run and the profits will be given to one deserving beneficiary each year.
The deserving beneficiary will be identified with the help of a panel of doctors who will advise us on the course of the treatment.
In the unfortunate event of our inability to carry forward this venture, we will distribute the remaining money to a needy person and dissolve the organization. We would intimate the same to all the concerned authorities.

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