Times Half Marathon

The first edition of Times Half Marathon is all set dazzle in the city of Joy on 9th February 2020. Around 5000 runners are expected to participate under 3 main categories: 21k – Apollo Run, 10k – Heritage Run & 03k – Clean Air Run. Route starts and finishes in Red Road covering the grand and famous landmarks of Kolkata along the course. Every finisher will be awarded with a medal and certificate from The Times of India Group. Come be a part of this historical event!

Age Limit
Age limit for 21K is 18 years and age limit for 10K is 16 years and participant should have medical license to participate in the event.

Aid Stations
Refreshment stations will be established on the marathon course with energy drinks, water and fruit on offer. The refreshment points will be located at approximately every 2.5 kilometres. There will also be toilets by the course.

Award Medals
Absolute record running winners and prize winners will be presented with the commemorative cups and monetary prizes. Winners and prize-winners of the groups will be awarded special prizes from sponsors. Commemorative medals will be awarded to all participants of the races who cross the finish line within the control time

Maximum Time
5h. 30min

Water, energy drinks, lemons

Chip timing available for 10 Km and 21 Km race

Equipment Storage
Yes, you can store luggage at the runners holding area.

Safety Tips For Runners
It is extremely important to know that running marathon (21/10 K) is an extremely strenuous physical activity in which you are subjecting your body to a high level of stress. It is therefore advisable that you seek a medical advice and undergo necessary medical tests to rule out any serious medical problem which otherwise may put you to a risk in participating in this activity. On marathon day-

Get adequate sleep the night before the race. Ensure you sleep very well on Saturday night since the night before a big race, you may not sleep too well.
The night before race day, have a dinner rich in carbohydrates, but do not overeat!
Snack light and arrive well before start time to avoid last minute anxiety & chaos.
Run at your own pace without being influenced by others around you.
It is essential to warm-up before the race. Exercise at lower pace in the first 5 minutes.
Cool-down gradually over the last 5 minutes at the end of the race. Do not stop suddenly.
Consume water or other re-hydration fluids at regular intervals, know your ‘sweat rate’ and consume fluid in proportion to it. If you don’t know your sweat rate it would be ideal to drink 200-250 ml of fluids (available at water stations) every 20 minutes.