FunnyBuzzness with Talk to Me – Daniel Fernandes

FunnyBuzzness with Talk to Me - Daniel Fernandes

Talk to Me is an improvised stand-up comedy show where an entire show is made up on the spot by interacting with the audience. Daniel is not allowed to use any material he has previously written. Every aspect of this show is live, at the moment and will never be repeated for any other audience. This show is known for its spontaneity, absurdity and downright hilarity and is not one to miss. Get your tickets now.

ALT-SPACE, previously the Hyderabadass Comedy Club is an intimate performance space within the Heart Cup Coffee, Jubilee Hills premises known to host an eclectic range of events from open mic comedy and exclusive comedy specials to metal gigs, dance and arts workshops, and underground music gigs. Food and Alcohol can be had before or after the show.