Gaurav Kapoor Live

Gaurav Kapoor, the funny one, not the famous one (yet) from Delhi is back in action with his online comedy show. He has done numerous live shows, released videos on YouTube and have also released a stand up special, HahaKaar (IMDB Rating – 8.2), on Amazon Prime.

A message from Gaurav .

“Hi People. One small request.

We will not be monitoring whether 2 or more people are watching on individual ticket since we 100% trust our audience. Me and my team will leave no stone unturned to ensure that the experience is as close to an offline show as possible. We request you to buy the tickets accordingly.

See you doston :)”

Please note : Tickets will be sent half an hour prior the show.

If you have seen him performing live at any of his shows in last 1 year, it’ll be a similar show. If you have just seen him in videos, then it’s a completely new show for you.