Kanan Gill Experience – India Tour 2024 – Ahmedabad

A double bill, featuring the same Kanan across both bills, no 1 rupee bills, no ducks with any bills and no one named William.

Essentially: One evening, two events.

The first hour is Kanan’s 4th (and probably last) Stand-Up Comedy Show ‘OK Bye’.

Following a 20 minute interval for popcorn, lavatories, conspiracy, gymnastics, etc is the Book Experience (title TBD, but by you.)

The Book Show is about Kanan’s Novel ‘Acts of God’ (HarperCollins) and involves readings, discussions, a Q and A (no pressure) and some jokes, why not.

Every attendee of The Book Experience will receive a signed copy of the book. It will hopefully be signed by the author.


Full experience: Access to both shows + signed novel.
Stand up only. 1 hour of stand up, then you go home, or wherever you go. No judgement.