Kisi Ko Batana Mat By Anubhav Singh Bassi | Mumbai

Why should you attend?
Bassi will be performing his new material, a set of never heard jokes!
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A memefest is about to begin …but, kisi ko batana mat that we let the secret out of the bag!

The rising star of Indian stand-up Anubhav Singh Bassi is back with all new quirks and wackiest new punchlines for his India Tour β€˜Kisi Ko Batana Mat’ in your city.

Get ready to rediscover your appetite for stand-up, as Bassi is all equipped with a killer strategy featuring brand new jokes, hilarious wisecracks, side-splitting humour, and a killer content that’ll surely leave you in stitches.

Wait till you witness the memefest that this show is about to unfurl in your city.