Sab Theek Ho Jayega By Ashish Bagrecha in Kolkata

Why should you attend?
Safe space to explore emotions. Celebrate vulnerability; feel without restraint.
Explore Indias soulful voice, unveiling healing and magic in stories and poems.
Experience love on stage! Share a moment with him, feel embraced in hugs & love.

After breaking records and winning hearts with Pyar, Umeed Aur Roshni, one of Indias most soulful poets, Ashish Bagrecha brings you his new exclusive poetry and storytelling show,Sab Theek Ho Jayega`.

Crafted with vulnerability, courage, and empathy, Ashish explores the highs and lows of life and love and together we try to find out the answer to the age-old question – Kya kabhi sab kuch theek hota hai?

This isnt just a show, its a sacred gathering of souls, where vulnerability is our strength and empathy our guide. Where tears are accepted and peace is discovered.

Sab Theek Ho Jayega isnt just a promise; its a heartfelt assurance that no matter what life brings, we are never alone, and everything will, indeed, be alright.

Join us in this journey of endurance and trusting the Universe. Together lets hold space for one anothers pain and overcome with open hearts.

Hope, hugs and healing.