SO mini THINGS! – Aiyyo Shraddha World Tour 2024 in Hyderabad

Why should you attend?
I need to spend some time relaxing to address my stress this weekend
Want to watch Clean comedy watch with family
I have seen her videos on insta and YT and FB she is hilariously cool

Embark on a rib-tickling journey with the renowned comic sensation, ‘Aiyyo Shraddha,’ as she kicks off her uproarious First Rank Tour! This 60-minute comedy extravaganza promises an entertaining exploration of the mundane and uproarious aspects of everyday life. From navigating the chaos of daily routines to decoding the quirks of the common man, Shraddha’s witty observations and humorous anecdotes will have audiences in stitches. The show, tailored for families, guarantees an evening of shared laughter and joy. Brace yourselves for an unforgettable comedic experience as ‘Aiyyo Shraddha’ takes centre stage in various cities across the globe, starting with India!