Thak Life by Sahil Shah | The Circuit Comedy Festival, Bengaluru

From the home of the completely unexpected sort of comedy festival comes a brand new special!

Sahil Shah is tired of being tired. After Childish Behavior, Sahil is living the Thak Life and in this hilarious new special he looks back at all the 100% true stupid things that have happened to him so far ranging from impressing crushes with specs to drinking so much that you hit the dance floor (literally) to driving in India and why Uber is useless! Also thrown in this concoction are topics such as kickboxing, lifts, shaving, annoying kids (NOT SHAVING ANNOYING KIDS), the uselessness of ghosts and the sad lives of house flies. Be ready for an hour of unfiltered comedy, puns, improvisation, props and the most bizarre thoughts that even Sahil can’t comprehend.

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