The Laugh Club Presents Koi Load Nahi by Jaspreet Singh | Bangalore

Dealing in the business of happiness, we believe in offering the best of comedy with collaboration and support of India’s finest talents who can give a hilarious take to anything. With this hope here we are with the dose of laughter and a worth remembering experience. The special would have completely different content from Jaspreet Singh’s any previous shows. This tour will crescendo in India and, Jaspreet Singh will be bringing his brand new special back to his motherland and touring India.

About Artist:

An innocent and harmless looking creature highly allergic to the stupid arguments people give in the name of logic, Jaspreet Singh observes the world and bring humour out of it. His quick-paced commentary on things might range from his self-awareness or the lack of it to the stories from his life, interactions with fellow human beings that made him the nice person he is. This show brings out brand new hour of stories after the first show was able to sell over 13k tickets in over 40 cities and 6 countries, which we are still trying to figure out how. This time he is funnier, wittier, quicker but one thing for sure, life me load koi nahi hai!