Startup Garage Powered by Arghya Ventures in Mumbai on February 14, 2016

Startup Garage Powered by Arghya Ventures in Mumbai on February 14, 2016

Want to mingle with an elite entrepreneurial community? Engage in dynamic real-time collaboration? Bring yourself up to speed on the latest developments in technology? Enter Startup Garage, a flagship one-day event hosted by Of10 and powered by Arghya Ventures. The event features talks by the pioneers of India’s start up story, a “start up mela” for participating start ups to showcase their innovation and talent, and the chance for individuals to obtain the practical know how they need to help validate and build their businesses.

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Of10: Based in the heart of the entrepreneurial and tech hub of Hiranandani Gardens, Of10 is a premium co-working space that brings together ambitious freelancers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and early stage businesses by providing them with the tools and platform they need to realise their potential.The space boasts a diverse and talented community to draw from and engage in real-time collaboration with, and gives members the opportunity to attend and host curated events, think-tanks, workshops and talks by notable speakers. At Of10 everything is on us. All you have to do is change the world

Arghya Ventures: Arghya Ventures is a startup accelerator that provides seed-to-bridge funding to promising entrepreneurs to help their ideas transcend traditional nascent business constraints. By bringing together a skilled mentor network, comprising CEOs, VCs and other successful industry leaders, Arghya is uniquely positioned to ensure that incubated start ups have a profound real-time impact. The company’s underlying philosophy is to encourage individuals to utilize novel socio-economic, behavioral and ethnographic approaches to tackle society’s most pressing issues

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