IIM Bangalore’s Vista 2015 from September 24-27, 2015

IIM Bangalore's Vista 2015 from September 24-27, 2015

Vista 2015 provides you a unique platform for a diverse bouquet of events to select from depending upon your interest and expertise. Spread over 3 days, with as many as 50+ events varying from building your own smart city to authoring your own viral meme, Vista presents to you a never-before-seen confluence of ideas and people. Events with prizes worth over 1 lac: we have quizzes, bidding events, business pitches and corporate talks, etc. Vista 2015 has something for every enthusiast who plans to participate in the mega business fest of IIM Bangalore. International participation, in our flagship events, stands testimony to the trueness of the diversity that IIM Bangalore offers.


[Bring out the leader in you. Sharpen your mind and clear your voice!] [Experience the thrill of live auction!] [Race through a barrage of questions and emerge the champion!] [Plunge into managing assets and liabilities to keep the balance sheet inline before the upcoming stringent stress tests.] [Corporate Czars] [An eclectic combination of a JAM and a Turncoat, Drishtikone beckons the witty and the insightful to come showcase their talent at Vista ‘15!  ] [Test if you are cut out for the trading world!] [Time to put your creative hats on and design some wacky advertisements!] [Come, share your ideas on simplifying the hectic lives of working couples!] [Jaagruti – Showcase your talent for a public cause!] [Think out-of-the-box and on your feet! Show your marketing prowess at Mark-Guru!] [Captivate a client with a riveting pitchbook and maximise the value for them!] [Metamorphosis – Help companies convert “make in india” initiative into a successful business proposition!] [Don the Operations Manager hat and devise sustainable strategy ! !] [

An online competition where participants are to capture the environment’s wonders or challenges or solutions to problems through a camera and convey a story to the word!!

] [Be the Numero Uno!] [Remember the consulting case studies?? The never ending guesstimates?? VISTA] [OPTIMIUS Indigenously designed Operations Simulation Game that takes you into the real life of decision making, inventory planning, logistics management and challenges you to bring forth your acumen for managerial foresight. ] [Enter the world of mind-bending, mind-numbing and sometimes intellectually invigorating inane riddles!] [Put on your thinking hat and strategize] [Time to make cities smarter ! ! !] [Bring your fin-gyaan!] [Study, plan and strategize! Will you be the best at solving the case?] [Pull out all your valuation techniques and complex models and be the smartest on the street!] [Can you ride #nextbigwave?] [Leverage your bargaining power to trade and win the “by-product”] [Vidheyak – Put India] [The much awaited Quizzing Event of Vista!] [Young Leaders Summit – an engaging platform for students from around the country!]

Website URL: http://iimb-vista.com/