3D Printing Workshop for Ages 9-14 in Hyderabad

3D Printing Workshop for Ages 9-14 in Hyderabad

3D Printing Workshop for Ages 9-14 in Hyderabad

This camp aims to give you an intense exposure to a technology that will be seen everywhere soon. Why not be the early adopter?

About this camp

Conceptualize, model, print. Take part in the 3D printing revolution.

What happens in this camp?

Learn everything you need to know about 3D Printing and do real-time printing in this two-day hackathon. Conceptualize and design a 3D model that can solve a real problem you face in your everyday life. Make it print ready using a 3D modeling software. Print it out using a 3D printer, take it home and put it to use!

Why should I take up this camp?

3D printing is no longer just a “new and upcoming technology”. Printing of houses, aircraft parts, and food are becoming mainstream. This technology is set to revolutionize manufacturing, supply chain, and logistics. 3D printing is also heavily being used in education to teach engineering design, 3D modeling, and foundations of 2D and 3D geometry.

Learning Outcomes:

3D printer – how it works
3D printer – how to use it to print functional models
Autodesk CAD: User interface, layout, and functions
Autodesk CAD: 3D modeling, scaling, orientation
Scaling Software: Resolution, scaling, duplication, rotation
Math: 2D and 3D geometry

Skill Outcomes:

Critical Thinking – Can I make the correct judgments that put together the different strengths of my team to conceptualize a 3D model, create a 3D representation on a software, and print it out using the capabilities of the 3D printer given to me?
Communication – There will be no final product without discussion and negotiation
Collaboration – It takes a strong team go through the entire process of designing and printing a 3D model
Decision Making – What is my 3D model solution to an everyday problem? How should it look like?
Time Management – How can we conceptualize, design a realistic 3D model, make it ready for 3D printing and print it out in 6 hours?

This is a beginners program. NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. Come with an open mind, and leave with some great learning and an experience of a lifetime!

Lunch and snacks on us!

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