3D Printing Workshop in Hyderabad on November 14, 2015

3D Printing Workshop in Hyderabad on November 14, 2015

3D Printing is revolutionizing many industries such as Manufacturing (Aerospace, Automotive), Medical, Fashion and Jewellery Designing. By understanding this technology in-depth you can leverage its benefits of 3D Printing as applicable to your industry.

Ajit has worked in the IT industry for 24 years leading large and complex engagements for Global customers. He is currently an entrepreneur working on 3D Printing technology for about a year. Ajit holds an MBA from Washington University with concentration in Strategy Consulting.

Who should attend

Professionals in Manufacturing, Medical, Dentistry, Fashion and Jewellery designing will benefit immensely as it has direct application in these industries.

The course has been split into two parts:

Part I – 3D Printing Fundamentals

– What is 3D Printing and a Brief History
– Why is 3D Printing gaining popularity (Disruption in Auto, Aerospace, Medical)
– 3D Printing processes (SLA, SLS, FDM…)
– Myths & Facts about 3D Printing
– Current State of 3D Printing Industry
– Future of 3D printing

Part II – Design

– Inner working of 3D Printer
– Importance of design in 3D printing
– Softwares used
– Slicing / G code generation

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