Android Workshop in Bangalore by MobiGnosis from January 4, 2014

Android Workshop in Bangalore by MobiGnosis from January 4, 2014

Android training course is targeted at individuals, students, corporates and tech-enthusiasts. The intensive syllabus and rigorous approach guarantees to deliver hands-on training in android applications development and design.

An Android Development Training program equips you to visualize, build, program and publish an app. It accounts for everything you need to know to build your career as an Android developer. There are an infinite number of functional niches waiting to be filled in by new apps. Existing apps also constantly need to be reworked. With a little bit of know-how, Android can really expand and evolve your horizons.

At most training institutes, students tend to find full-time, entry-level trainers who teach theory through a presentation. At MobiGnosis, we house a team of highly experienced, practicing professionals. We are a training institute as well as a company that provides quality services. We work at the forefront of the most cutting edge developments in technology.

Key Learning in Android Training Course in Bangalore:

  • How to develop your own Android apps.
  • Understand the architecture of Android applications, life cycle of various components, manifest, Intents and the use of external resources for Android development.
  • Design and develop Android applications with compelling user interfaces by using, extending and creating your own layouts and views and using menus.
  • Take advantage of Android’s Application Framework API to build complex Android applications.
  • Utilize the power of background services, threads, asynchronous tasks and notifications.
  • Secure, tune, package, and deploy Android™ applications
  • And many more.

Registration Fees: Rs. 6000/-
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Organizer: MobiGnosis – +91-99000-01329

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