Leadership Excellence Workshop in Hyderabad from December 6-7, 2014

Leadership Excellence Workshop in Hyderabad from December 6-7, 2014

Leadership Excellence Workshop

We all are Leaders of our own life. Excellence In Life & in Leadership requires individuals to examine and understand the psychology of Leadership and the impact it has on you and your ability to influence, communicate, persuade people around. This workshop enables you to take the journey inwards, introspect and develop the required self awareness, mental flexibility, emotional well being to achieve excellence in your personal and professional life. The workshop design is very comprehensive and concentrates on specific practical and implementable solutions addressing the issues which hinder personal and organizational effectiveness

About the workshop

Success in life is measured by how well you understand your own behavior and the impact the behavior has on your surroundings i.e., your team, your colleagues, your manager, everyone around you and vice-versa. This workshop focuses on building a personal awareness framework leading to your mental and emotional well being. The workshop gives participants an opportunity to discover the hidden leadership characteristics within. This experiential journey takes you one step closer to enhance your ability to communicate better with everyone, build thinking agility, influence without authority, motivate and coach people around you.

The Methodology

The workshop is structured in 3 phases.

Phase 1: Prior to the workshop, the facilitator will conduct a preparatory review and executive interviews.

Phase 2: Workshop delivery is carried out using NLP techniques, DC Psychology, Psychometrics, storytelling and a lot more activities. The workshop also uses several real time case-studies developed by extensive work done and also some work shared by participants of the previous workshops

Phase 3: One-to-One Coaching & Post training support for 3 months. (Optional – Paid)

Instructor Profile:

Sharat Sharma is the Founder & Chief Consultant at IAM Human Capital Consulting. He is also an author of an upcoming book and also a speaker at many prominent events. He holds dual master’s degree in Business and Applied Psychology and has done extensive work in the field of training & human psychology.

Sharat is an internationally certified trainer. Some of the certifications under his belt are:

Six Thinking Hats Certified Trainer by Edward De bono
Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner
Certified Extended DISC Advanced Administrator (CEDAA) by Extended DISC
Directive Communication Psychology Trainer.

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