Learn to Connect with your Inner Tutor

Being guided from within not only helps in spiritual evolution but can also enhance our approach to work, relationships, health and overall well-being. In this self-reflective and interactive session, we will be taking you through a journey on how to discover our inner-self, know our dominant intuitive style and be guided by it to stay connected. As a result of the session you will be left with enhanced decision making, energy and vibrant mood.

About Enlightened Sapiens
We are a Social Enterprise, focused on inspiring each one of us to share our Experiences and Knowledge with one another and foster an open environment of Growth and Mindfulness. We aim to help you discover and pursue your interests and hobbies through interactive videos and try-at-home activities. Know more through our website: www.enlightenedsapiens.com

What you’ll need for the session
1 hour of your time
A working internet connection
A glass of water
Your undivided attention

What you won’t need for the session
No credit card details
No prior experience in Mindfulness

Are you ready to begin your journey towards Self-Discovery?