Photography Workshop with Himansu Tripathy in Bangalore on July 8-9, 2017

Photography Workshop with Himansu Tripathy in Bangalore on July 8-9, 2017


​Today’s digital SLR cameras offer endless creative opportunities—but only if you know how to use them. Whether you recently acquired your first digital camera or have owned one for a few years, this workshop empowers you to take control of its features and advance your skills.
Designed like a hands-on user manual, this workshop provides you with the knowledge essential to explore all the capabilities of the digital SLR. Mentor Himansu Tripathy guides participants through the exposure triangle, and the various settings and shooting modes from scratch. We learn how to incorporate these tools with different lenses, and explore techniques of composition and lighting in order to create more interesting and powerful images. The day one is devoted to lectures, discussions, critiques and day two morning we practice newly acquired skills in the field.
This promises to be an exciting day of mastering the basics of digital photography and cultivating our creativity in an energetic and supportive atmosphere. By the workshop’s end, participants will acquire a solid understanding of manual mode on their camera, and return home with a collection of images that reflect their new expertise.

​NOTE: The Basics of Photography workshop is designed for beginners, amateur photographer, people those who have bought or planing to buy their first SLR camera. This workshop is generic in nature and acts as a foundation forany field of photography like nature and wildlife, portrait, landscape, street, product, food, glamour or fashion etc.

Category: Class Room & Outdoor Workshop


Day-1: 9 am – 6 pm(Class Room)

Day-2: 7 am – 10 am(Outdoor)

Workshop Fee ?
Rs.4950.00 (includes Tea/Snacks/Lunch/Study Material) ** Register before 24th June and get a discount of INR 500.00

Who Should Attend ?

Beginners,Amateur Photographer,People those who have bought or plan to buy their first SLR camera


How a SLR Camera works
Different modes (P, S, A, M)
Camera focusing system
Auto Focus Area Modes
Shutter release modes
How to click sharp images while hand holding the camera- Tips & Tricks


Understanding F stops
Exposure Triangle (Aperture, Shutter Speed & ISO)
Manual mode Exposure
Theory of Reciprocity
Correct Exposure vs Creative Exposure
Exposure Compensation
Auto Exposure
Exposure Bracketing
Auto Focus/Auto Exposure Locking (AE-L/AF-L)


Importance of light
Different type of light & light meters
Understanding the Camera’s in-built light meter
The 18 % Grey Card
Metering in tricky situations
White Balance
Understanding different kind of lighting situation & how to effectively expose the subject


Understand the in-built camera flash
Flash types and modes
Creative use of the in-built camera flash


Learning to see graphically
Understanding your subject
Framing and placement of your subject


Discussion on different Camera Fromat
Discussion on different type of Lens
Discussion on different type Tripod, Head & Monopod
Discussion on different type Camera Filters
Discussion on different type Teleconverters
Tips on Camera care​

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