Poetry workshop & Open mic with Rohit Trivedi


Have you ever ever been to an open mic and wondered what would it be like to perform on stage ?

Have you ever felt that the people who perform, from where do they get the confidence ?

If yes, come and join this event where you will LEARN, LISTEN AND RECITE your own poetry.


Rohit Trivedi will have an interactive session on how to perform at open mic’s and tips on Rhyme and Rhythm with very limited Participants only on Zoom at from 7:30 to 8:30
Next after one hour those who wish to perform will get chance to do so on Instagram 8:30 onwards.

About the author.

In his own words…

‘A friend from unknown land
Someone with the arsenal of words
I find glitter in the shadow world
Prettiness in the blemishes
Songs in silence
Dreams in floating in lost sand”

Rohit Trivedi is an alumni of MICA college. He is M.A. in English. Rohit has attended umpteen acting workshops and studied under the stalwarts from Bollywood like Anupam Kher, Naseeruddin shah, Shernaz Patel to name a few. He has performed in Prithvi Theatre, Sophia college, Kalidas Kala mandir etc.

Other than Acting workshops Rohit has his certificates from ‘Xavier’s Institute of Communication’ Mumbai the courses being-

ABCDE- Announcing Broadcasting Dubbing Compering and E-book narration

Personality Development and Public Speaking

Rohit is also a poet and has his book published by Partridge a Penguin sister concern titled “Fractured Reality” which available on all online platforms and Crossword in Pune. He was invited by 2 Literature festivals i.e. “Valley of Words” and “Pune International Literature Festival”.


In reality lost in quarantine.

Come on 8th May at 7:30pm to live a little, dive into the world, a little lost and a little found and experience some moments that hope you will remember. He will recite some poetry from his book in English and some unpublished Hindi poems from his life. In these 60 min with some music and poetry – you will relive some moments from childhood, the school that you loved or hated, some moments from the first love and lost smiles to find new ones to stay.

See you on Instagram : Zindagi101
Cheers !

Some Important points :-

No abuses’s or cuss words will be tolerated.
No Sexist, Xenophobic or Ethnocentric slurs.
No plagiarism please let’s be original. As someone rightly said, “Be the first of your name than a copy of someone else.”