Realtor Ninja – Workshop on Real Estate Sales in Bengaluru on September 14, 2016

Realtor Ninja - Workshop on Real Estate Sales in Bengaluru on September 14, 2016

Would You Like To Double Your Real Estate Sales In The Next 60 Days?

Register for this power packed 1-Day workshop for Realtors & Brokers who are keen to “Sell More & Close More Deals”.


Double Your Sales In 60 Days by learning practical tips & strategies.

Are you a realtor/broker who’s working really hard but your efforts are not reflecting in your bank balance or lifestyle?

Are you keen to learn more on where this industry is heading with all the developments in government regulations and technology?

Do you want a clear roadmap to restart your real estate business with even more focus so that you can generate more predictable income through your deals?

Are keen to learn the art of sales, negotiation and objection handling in order to effortless close deals without much stress?

Then REALTOR NINJA is the right solution for you.

Session 1
Setting Your Foundations Right For Success

Why Real Estate Brokerage Is Still One Of The Best Industries To Create Long Lasting Wealth
What You Need To Know About The Future Of The Brokerage Industry
How To Strategise Your Real Estate Business Growth As A Realtor
Self Evaluation Test: Know Your Gap Areas

Session 2
Learn Why You Aren’t Getting Desired Resuts

Top 10 Mistakes Brokers Do, Which You Must Aviod
How To Approach Your Business With Better Focus
How To Craft Proper Written Mandates In Order To Get Paid For Every Deal That You Work On
How To Better Qualify Your Prospects To Save Time, Energy & Travel Costs

Session 3
Planning A Robust Strategy To Scale Quickly

How To Plan Your Business Better & Achieve Predictable Monthly Revenues
How To Improve Your Product Knowledge For Better Conversions
Legal Knowledge: Registration, Title Check, Term Sheet Writing & Following Authority Guidelines
Writing Skills For Listings

Session 4

Walk Out With An Action Plan To Sell More

Learn The 10 Golden Rules Of Negotiation
How To Improve Your Phone Selling Skills
Vaastu For Sales – What To Say & What Not To Say
How To Get Maximum Conversions From Site Visits
Your Best Daily Action Plan To Achieve Success
How To Track & Measure Your Progress