Miss Hyderabad 2012 – Biggest Beauty Peagent of Hyderabad

Miss Hyderabad 2012 – Biggest Beauty Peagent of Hyderabad

Glamor, entertainment, innovation; you name it and we conceptualize it. Our goal is to give every event a distinct vision. An identity that articulates true professionalism, taking us closer to an eloquent, purposeful & entertaining event.

Ideated to provide young girls of Hyderabad a wonderful opportunity to improve their inner-personal self, face life with revived confidence, and hone their conversational skills that’s today’s challenging world demands.

Miss Hyderabad 2012 - Biggest Beauty Peagant Of Hyderabad

Miss Hyderabad – is not just a title; its a platform for aspirants to make it big in the glamor world. The pageant is just the beginning.

Miss Hyderabad is a young woman who is a perfect blend of poise, personality, intelligence, beauty and charisma. “

Criteria for Registration:

    • Single
    • Residents of Hyderabad can participate
    • Residents from Andhra Pradesh also can participate

-(Residing for more than 1 year as on 1st June 2012)

    • Age between 18 to 25 years
    • Valid age and residency status documents to be submitted to meet eligibility requirements

Organizers :


Website URL : http://www.misshyderabad.com/
Facebook Pages – http://www.facebook.com/mishyderbad & http://www.facebook.com/misshyd2011