Family Fun Summit 2016 in Hyderabad on May 14, 2016

Family Fun Summit 2016 in Hyderabad on May 14, 2016

Amazing things can happen when a family comes together to do things together. A family that can bond together will be a family that is united forever. The world is fast paced and works against families being united and bonded together. Family Fun Summit is part of the Game Changer Fest transformation circuit which is focused on Society empowerment by Family bonding, friends bonding, team bonding, rewarding and recognizing the real ‘game changers’ by executing series of boot camps, inspiring talks, street plays across India.

The vision of Family Fun summit 2016 is to build strong and resilient families that makes for stronger communities and better individual well-being. They bring people and organizations together to create platforms for family bonding and to engage people’s in conversations about families.

Family Fun summit 2016 (summer Edition) is a 2 day camp for 100 families to experience the real bonding traditions.

Families at the Family Fun summit 2016 (summer Edition)
-Wake up together
-Exercise together
-Play Fun Games Together
-Have Meals together
-Cook together
-Learn together
-Dance Together
-See Movies together, and
-Respect each other
Remember, everyone participates and connects!

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