500 Startups – Bangalore Design Quicky in Bangalore on February 20, 2016

500 Startups - Bangalore Design Quicky in Bangalore on February 20, 2016

We need better designed products and experiences. Good design Good business. Period.

A common misconception is that quality design is time consuming, pricey and hard to achieve. At 500, we don’t think it has to be this way.

The 500 Design Program in India is built on our knowledge of working with a wide range of companies on their design challenges, and is crafted specifically for startups. We will work directly with founders through boot camps, workshops, and events geared towards teaching proper and functional integration of creative design.

What’s a Quicky?

A Design Quicky is a boot camp geared to help founders understand design techniques, methods, processes and concepts. The 500 team is upported by design experts, giving you the opportunity to learn hacks, tricks and techniques first-hand.

// DISCOVER the key techniques of good design

// HEAR from leading industry designers

// LEARN strategies to integrate design at your company

Part 1 – Workshop

The first half of the day we will cover basic foundational design topics that teach how to think about design for products, how to make effective design decisions, and more importantly, how to make design work!

Part 2 – Design Review

The second half of the day is a hands on, one-on-on Design Review with the 500 Design team. Want feedback on your product? Making some changes? Thinking of a new feature? Come on by for some hands on guidance and feedback! Limited to 8 companies, first come first served.

Who should participate?

If you’re passionate about design and ready to learn from successful founders and experts in product, design, and UX, this is the event for you.

Registration Begins at 10am – Program Starts at 10:30am sharp

Website URL: http://500.co/