Challenges for the Start-ups: Which Way to Look in Vizag on October 11, 2014

Challenges for the Start-ups: Which Way to Look in Vizag on October 11, 2014

There are several challenges for a start up. Most of the perspectives and knowledge available today do not take the Indian context into account adequately. Market ecosystem in India is very different and poses qualitatively different set of challenges to the entrepreneur.

This Conference is unique in its focus on Indian market ecosystem.

Issues/domains we discuss:

1. Finance:

This is an area which poses formidable challenge to the entrepreneur. How to raise it? Where to look for? What should be the Debt and equity mix? How to augment it when there is a need? These are some of the issues that a start-up entrepreneur needs guidance on.
Topic Title: Finance: How a Start-up could Raise, Structure and Augment it?

2. Team:

The group which initiates the venture – be it friends, relatives, or a group that comes together for the purpose – needs to build a cohesion and understand the roles of each one of them and find the right synergy among them. How to build a team? How to define roles? How to recruit and whom to recruit? How to nurture the talent? How to update the skills? These are some of the questions the Conference will throw light on for the start-up entrepreneurs.
Topic Title: Build a Team that makes your Start-up a Success

3. Branding:

The product or service that the start-up offers to the market needs right positioning and branding. What are the dos and don’ts of positioning of the company and the product/service? What should be the value proposition that needs to be communicated to the market? What are the right platforms and how to leverage them? These are some of the questions that a start-up entrepreneur would benefit by learning from the domain experts.

Topic Title: Turning Your Start-up into a Brand

4. Business Development:

The product/service that a start-up offers need to be effectively communicated to the market. How to acquire Customers? How to sustain them and make them into life-time customers? How to assess the changing needs and preferences of the market? These are some of the challenges that a start-up entrepreneur needs to equip themselves to face.

Topic Title: Acquiring, Retaining & Increasing the Customer Base: Insights for Start-ups

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